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Petrale Sole Is the Perfect Dish for a Cooking Dad

The sea has a wide variety of fish and other creatures for a cooking dad to choose from, for an evening meal. One of the best is the widely fished and often-cooked Petrale Sole.  It’s a bottom feeder that has gained popularity over the last decade, even surpassing salmon in some parts of the country. It’s a great starter fish for dads that may not have much experience because of its light taste. Why Petrale Sole? If you’re not a fan of sole, then don’t worry. The Petrale Sole isn’t actually a member of the sole family, but is a …

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Cooking with Daddy Creates Bonds for Children

Many men are naturally distant and emotionally reserved. Many times that can lead to a rift between fathers and their children. For a long time, men were supposed to be stoic; but society has evolved and men are finally getting out of their shells. Cooking with daddy is a great way for you to bond with your kids and be the dad that you want to be. Get Them Involved Early I’ve always been active in the kitchen and my children have wandered in, checking it out since they could walk. The smells coming from the kitchen are heavenly and …

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