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Men Cooking for the First Time Can Be Scary…for Everyone

When it comes to men cooking, many women cringe and get a look of fear and trepidation. They love you, but if it doesn’t involve a microwave they think the kitchen will soon become an inferno rivaling that of hell itself. Many men have been sheltered from cooking because of dutiful mom, take-out and the aforementioned microwave cuisine; but don’t be afraid to branch out and try cooking for yourself. Keep It Simple For your first time at the helm, don’t try and cook beef wellington or risotto just because you saw it on “Hells Kitchen.” Instead, try something simple, …

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A Cooking Dad Is an Experimental Dad

Being a dad is about more than just throwing around the pigskin, teaching the best way to throw a right cross or hosting the occasional tea party. When you’re a cooking dad, your kids learn necessary life skills and the delicate art of culinary experimentation. Cooking Dads are Creative You can have a stack of cookbooks that go to the ceiling and follow every recipe to the letter, but you’ll never come up with your own signature dishes or experience the limits of flavor by following the directions. Dads don’t follow directions anyway, we make them up as we go …

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