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Dad Cooks: The Art of the Glaze

Barbecuing is as much an art as it is a science. The ability to cook savory meats and vegetables over an open flame is far different than cooking on a stovetop. There is no better feeling than when my child proudly proclaims, “My daddy cooks the best barbecue in the world!” One aspect of good barbecuing is mastering the glaze. No, I don’t mean the painting technique; but in a way the food is our masterpiece. A glaze can add a lot of flavor to an otherwise bland meal, but it’s a delicate balancing act. What is a glaze for …

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Marinades, Brines and Rubs: Easy Supper Ideas For The Grill

Man At A Barbecue Grill Preparing Meat For A Garden Party

Meat is awesome. The smell and flavor of meat cooking on the grill is an intoxicating scent. We can create a ton of easy supper ideas with just a few cuts of meat, especially if you use marinades, brines and rubs. Each one provides a unique benefit to meats, but too many people have a tendency to lump all three together into a single category. While each one does provide flavor enhancement, they can actually impact the texture of the meat as well. Dads like us need to prepare the right meat with the right technique. Tenderize your Meats with …

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