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Quick Dinner Ideas: Flaky Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish

We know there are a million places where you can get quick dinner ideas and tips on how to grill protein like beef, chicken and pork, but what about us seafood lovers that enjoy the occasional tuna or halibut? Grilling fish comes with several problems from creating a dry rubbery meal to falling between the grill gates, but with a little practice you can grill fish better than hamburger. The most important aspect is to recognize that grilling fish is different than grilling anything else. The Type of Fish Before putting fish on the grill, you need to decide how …

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Easy Dinner Recipes For Kids: Hotdog Surprise

Sausage With Macaroni

This time of year my thoughts begin to think about grilling. The temperature rise, the grass gets green and I start getting the itch to get out the grill. One of the most popular grilling items is hotdogs. Kids love them. They’re not expensive and they’re easy to grill or make on the stove. There are a lot of hot dogs in a package and inevitably we have a ton left over, so why not use those leftover dogs in an easy dinner recipe for kids. No sense in letting them go to waste…it’s Hotdog Surprise. Hotdog nachos Are you …

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Easy Recipes: The Ultimate Baseball Dogs

Kids Baseball Team Jpg

The boys of summer are back and everyone is gearing up for another baseball season. It could be the major league or the local pony league, but everyone loves a good hot dog. Hot dogs are a staple of baseball games and when our favorite team is on in 15 minutes, we need easy recipes that are out of this world. There are three things that make a hot dog great: meat, condiments and buns. Let’s explore shall we. #1 The Meat is the Star Rule number one — there is only ONE meat in a hot dog. If you’re …

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