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Petrale Sole Is the Perfect Dish for a Cooking Dad

The sea has a wide variety of fish and other creatures for a cooking dad to choose from, for an evening meal. One of the best is the widely fished and often-cooked Petrale Sole.  It’s a bottom feeder that has gained popularity over the last decade, even surpassing salmon in some parts of the country. It’s a great starter fish for dads that may not have much experience because of its light taste.

Why Petrale Sole?

If you’re not a fan of sole, then don’t worry. The Petrale Sole isn’t actually a member of the sole family, but is a flounder. It has a wonderful flaky texture and is perfect grilled or fried. You’ll likely find the fish at a higher price than many others in the fish market or grocery store, but don’t let that deter you, because it’s worth every penny. The light taste that the fish is known for makes it a favorite for beginners. You don’t have to worry about an overly fishy taste like some types of fish have. You can buy them already filleted and ready to go right out of the package or fresh from the boat.

Grilled or Fried

This really depends on taste. A grilled Petrale Sole served with a Bartlett pear garnish and lemon is mouthwatering and healthy. You don’t want a side or garnish with too strong a flavor or it may overshadow the fish. With grilled, you’re eliminating the oils, which your heart will thank you for. The only worry for grilling a Petrale Sole is overcooking and dryness. It’s easy for a fish to lose too much moisture during the grilling process. A fried fish is easier to cook and the breading and oils seal in the flavor and moisture. The breading can be a simple egg and flour combination with a few spices like salt, pepper and garlic, or can be more exotic like panko or even crushed phyllo crust.

Freshness and Storage

If you’re buying the fish fresh from the market, then you’ll want one that is has clear and not cloudy eyes and flesh that is white. Cloudy eyes, darker flesh and a bad odor are signs that you should move on. Ideally, the fish should be served and cooked the same day that it is caught and purchased. If you need to wait, then it can be stored in a paper towel lined container overnight.

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