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Dad Cooking this Labor Day? Try These Mouthwatering Ideas

Dad Cooking this Labor Day? Try These Mouthwatering Ideas

Nothing gets men cooking like Labor Day. It is a man’s holiday combing grilling, meat and family. This Labor Day, we are trying to make it easy to cook, while staying in the tradition of mouthwatering for everyone.

Hamburgers with a Kick

Many families celebrate Labor Day with hamburgers and hot dogs, but that does not mean the burgers need to be boring. In fact, our burgers are anything but boring. Some people will tell you to add spices or breadcrumbs to the burgers to give them a kick and that does work, but that is not how this blog is going to play out. We are going to talk about stuffing the burger.

To stuff a burger, all you really need to do is create two patties, each about half the thickness you normally would make. Instead of making one half-pound burger, make two quarter-pound burgers. Then, just stuff your ingredients in between the two patties and cook as normal. My family likes melted mozzarella cheese, bacon, jalapeno peppers and mushrooms. When you bite into the burger, you get a great juicy surprise.

No-Bake Chocolate Pie

This will be the easiest chocolate pie you ever made and you might even call it your go-to for family parties, or even late night snacks. You can choose to make your own crust if you want, by grinding up cookies and butter or just buy an Oreo cookie crust, which is much easier. Then, make some chocolate instant pudding, following the pie directions on the box. Once it sets, fold in about half a container of whipped topping to make a chocolate mousse. Add this to the pie crust. Add the rest of the whipped topping to the pie and garnish it with some mini chocolate chips for a no-bake chocolate pie everyone will love. (For romantic evenings with the wife, skip the crust and spoon the chocolate into wine glasses.)

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