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Men Cooking Means Manly Foods

We’re men. Men like meat. Meat is good. When there are men cooking, the kitchen will be filled with the aroma of spiced meat and other foods that are guaranteed to put a little hair on your chest, so mom might want to grab a salad. There are countless foods that men love, but there are some that are the epitome of manly cooking, so sit back, loosen that top button on your pants and be prepared to gorge on some serious man food.


What can I say? It’s meat and it’s a loaf, ‘nuff said. There is no pretense here of non-artery-clogging goodness. The basic principal is to take a lot of meat, mold it into a loaf and then cook it in the oven. You can’t make meatloaf in a Foreman Grill and there is no veggie substitute (let’s not even get into tofuloaf.) There are many different ways to spice your loaf and add ingredients to make it as decadent as you want. Put some cheese in the loaf for a cheeseburger loaf, mix in some green peppers and mushrooms, top with ketchup or some other sauce or just add bacon. Bacon makes everything better.


What’s better than dough cooked and slathered in cheese? There is a reason why people order pizza during sports games and why children’s eyes light up when they see it. Pizza is just awesome. You can actually make healthy pizza as well…if you really want to. Use whole wheat crust, low fat cheese and load it up with veggies like green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and pretty much anything else. There is literally no end to the variations of pizza you can make: taco pizza, Hawaiian pizza, loaded meat pizza, and on and on and on. You can also get creative with crusts. There is no reason you need to have a standard crust. You can add some beer to the dough, spices and even cheese.

Deep Fried…Anything

It’s not healthy. There is nothing you can do to make it healthy. It’s battered food dipped in grease. You can try and pretend it’s healthier by using healthier oils, but come on. Fairs are notorious for deep frying everything from hot dogs to Oreos and they all taste amazing. I wouldn’t suggest making this a staple of your menu, but occasionally, it might be a fun treat. There are so many recipes for batter and things you can try that there’s no shortage to experiment with.

If you need some more recipes or advice for men cooking techniques, then visit dadsthatcook.com and learn all there is to know.