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Man Cooking Up Some Awesome Halloween Cocktails

Man Cooking Up Some Awesome Halloween Cocktails

The night is late and the candy has all been spent. The carcasses of tossed away costumes litter the floor and the little ones are up in bed with a bellyache from too many Snickers. The man cooking something up in the kitchen is the only thing keeping mom awake. She doesn’t realize that we have one last Halloween treat in store. These Halloween cocktails are perfect for all adult party or after winding down another year.

The Black Or Bloody Martini

Halloween is all about darkness and what lurks in the shadows. Vampires are drinking from the blood of the innocent, so why shouldn’t we have a little concoction to help make us feel a little more alive. This is a simple take on the classic vodka martini. Instead of regular vodka, try a raspberry or blackberry flavor to get that unique color. If you really adventurous, then you can try a black vodka. Yes, they make them.

Dracula’s Kiss

How many guys out there have highball glasses? Yep, that’s everybody. This tasty drink is all about the blood…I hear, it is the life…of the party. Take your favorite highball glass and poor about ½ an ounce of grenadine. It should be enough to coat the bottom. Add a little ice and then an ounce of black cherry vodka. Fill it to the top with cola an a few maraschino cherries. This drink tastes amazing and the alcohol sneaks up on you. A few of these and leave the stress of the holiday is behind you.

Punch of the Damned

If you’re looking for a good drink to serve a large group of people, then you should try the Punch of the Damned. Who needs supper ideas, when you can enjoy a few bowls of punch? First, get a large punch bowl and decorate the outside with typical Halloween fare such as cobwebs,etc. Start with an entire bottle of rum. Yeah, that’s how we party. Add a bottle of red wine, 12 ounces of triple sec, 1 lime sliced into quarters, 1 orange sliced into quarters and 12 ounces of sugar water. Stir is all together and place into a freezer for a couple of hours. When it comes out, it will be blood red and ready for action.

If you’re looking for more great Halloween ideas, then visit www.dadsthatcook.com.