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Dads Cooking for Picky Kids Make a Veggie Pirate Boat that Rocks!

Dads cooking around America have one thing in common…picky kids. We have kids that turn their noses up at new things and ask for mac and cheese for dinner. As dads, we know they need more than macaroni for dinner. They need vegetables, and we need to get creative so the vegetables will be fun, and they will be asking to make them and eat them. That is exactly what this veggie boat will have the kids doing.

Veggie Pirate Boat

My boy went through a pirate stage, so we made lots of boats. This particular boat is a fun zucchini boat with corn, bacon, tomato and onions. It is fun to make and the kids can help assemble it and then eat the results.

First, hollow out about 4 medium size zucchini. This is will make the boats. Do this by cutting each zucchini in half lengthwise, then use a spoon to scrape out the flesh. Older kids do a good job at hollowing.

Create the Filling

For the filling, saute some onions (1/2 cup) and garlic until translucent. Add some cooked bacon and zucchini. Cook it for about one minute. Then add the some corn kernels (2 cups), tomatoes (2 chopped) and your favorite seasoning. Our family likes Italian seasonings, but yours might prefer Mexican, Puerto Rican, Greek or any number of other spice combinations.

Making the Mast

The best part of making the boat is that even the littlest of the little guys can help with the mast. Since the sharpest thing you need is a skewer, a toddler can help create the mast and work right alongside daddy creating the pirate boat for dinner, and that is what dads cooking is all about. What you need is four skewers, some grape tomatoes, some zucchini slices and a pineapple slice. Then, let your little one stack the veggies and pineapple on the skewer to build the mast, creating the perfect flag for the ship, and making this meal a kid-friendly favorite.

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