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Cooking with Daddy Creates Bonds for Children

Cooking with Daddy Creates Bonds for Children

Many men are naturally distant and emotionally reserved. Many times that can lead to a rift between fathers and their children. For a long time, men were supposed to be stoic; but society has evolved and men are finally getting out of their shells. Cooking with daddy is a great way for you to bond with your kids and be the dad that you want to be.

Get Them Involved Early

I’ve always been active in the kitchen and my children have wandered in, checking it out since they could walk. The smells coming from the kitchen are heavenly and when their tummies start to rumble, good luck getting any alone-time with the stove.

I knew this was a great time to really spend some quality time with them and maybe pass on a little knowledge too. When they were very young, they mainly stood back and watched as I acted crazy while I cooked. The Julia Child voice was quite the hit and many afternoons and evenings were filled with their laughter as dear old dad played guitar with a spatula.

Give Them More Responsibilities as They Age

As they grow, the kids will naturally want to do more in the kitchen. You’ll be fighting fingers off of frosted cakes and batter-filled spoons from the brownie mix. I firmly believe that cooking is one of the most valuable skills a father can pass on to his children. It’s a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Begin giving them responsibilities in the kitchen and prepare for a mess. One of the first acts my kids did was to measure out the milk or other ingredients. Egg cracking was saved until they could easily reach the bowl. Everyone loves putting the cookie dough on the pan (what actually makes it to the pan!) Older kids can even chop vegetables or help cook if they are responsible enough.

Create Memories

Life is about the little moments. The most powerful memories aren’t the two-week vacations to Disney World or the Christmas with tons of presents. They’re the midnight pancake fests because neither of you could sleep or the very first time they got to make their own dinner. Cooking with daddy can create a lasting bond that will only grow with time. For more information about cooking ideas and tips, visit www.dadsthatcook.com.