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Cooking with Dad on Thanksgiving

Cooking with Dad is a great way to share recipes and create memories for your kids, but what about getting your own dad involved? When you add holidays and tradition in the mix, you’re guaranteed to create magic in the kitchen. It’s the time of year when cooking probably includes a meal that’s warm and comforting. It’s that time of year when your winter wear gets pulled out of the closet and the leaves crunch under your feet. The time has come for Thanksgiving and the memories you’ll create in the kitchen will last a lifetime.

Cooking with Dad on Thanksgiving

Whether you’re a Thanksgiving purist or someone that takes a more adventurous route, you can be sure that cooking with Dad on Thanksgiving will be a great time. You and Dad can prepare traditional food fare or try something new and exciting this Thanksgiving. Any way you slice it, when you and Dad team up in the kitchen, you’ll be sure to make some mouth-watering food for your family.

How cooking with dad will turn ordinary into extraordinary

Cooking is love made visible, and this has never been truer than when you’re cooking with dad.  Whether you’re making a simple snack or a grand feast, spending time together in the kitchen not only builds on your relationship, it also helps to create a greater love of food by associating happy memories with good food. This Thanksgiving, you can create some new memories over great food with your kids and the whole extended family.

Before you start cooking, make sure your pantry is prepared

A great way to start your tradition of cooking with Dad is to make sure you have everything you need for the big day. Set aside some time with Dad to go over your menu and recipes, then compare your notes with what’s in your pantry and cupboards. Creating a to-do list in advance will ensure you have all your ingredients on turkey day and it’s another way to spend some quality time with Dad in the kitchen.

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